The Vegan Kind

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Same amazing service, same fantastic range, same outstanding customer care but a brand new look! 

With more people embracing plant-based lifestyle in the UK, the design for many vegan brands has changed dramatically over the last few years. 

As the UK’s biggest vegan online store and the most popular vegan subscription boxes service, we wanted to adopt a more modern look that could better reflect our identity as a shop of tomorrow for greater number of consumers – vegans, flexitarians, plant-based and eco-conscious shoppers. 

We have teamed up with B&B studio to refine our brand’s positioning as the vegan leader in UK’s retail industry and appeal to a broader audience.

London-based B&B studio was the perfect match as a creative agency committed to building the brands that matter. Led by co-founders Shaun Bowen and Kerry Bolt, B&B studio works with innovators and idealists who, just like the TVK team, believe in a brighter, fairer and braver future. 

Shop of the future

As The Vegan Kind is a large virtual market square for the vegan community, B&B studio had to combine an online supermarket, subscription boxes, and social media presence in one bold brand. 

Designing TVK new branding identity B&B has built on our values of community, collaboration, customer service and carbon neutrality to create a future-focused brand with purpose. With an increased emphasis on the low-impact of plant-based shopping, the renewed brand aims to appeal to contemporary consumers who want to live in a healthy and more sustainable way. 

Lisa Desforges, Head of Strategy at B&B studio, said: “As a brand, The Vegan Kind has always been ahead of its time in terms of its commitment to plant-based living, community-building and carbon-offsetting. It was such a pleasure to help ensure the brand remains on course for an incredibly bright future as we all catch up with their vision.”

Thevegankind box

Vegan Kindness

Inspired by The Vegan Kind name, the new branding builds on the theme of compassion. The message of kindness is also captured in a set of new values-driven icons – Planetkind, Animalkind, and Humankind – helping consumers navigate through products ethical benefits, such as sustainable, cruelty-free or fairly traded. 

The Vegan Kind is a one-stop shop for everyone to whom climate emergency and the welfare of animals and humans matter. Through our informative platform, community building and modern branding we aim to attract new consumers to the plant-based movement.