Natures Healthbox

Natures Healthbox is a small, family run business based in Brighton selling a wide range of natural health, beauty and home goods online. Our aim is to bring you the best in natural, organic and environmentally friendly products plus a friendly, efficient service putting the customer first wherever possible.

Various family members had become interested in treating ailments with natural products and herbal remedies rather than always relying on conventional drugs which often had unpleasant side effects. Eczema improved with regular doses of Evening Primrose Oil and non irritant natural creams reducing the need for steroid ointments, a reduction in incidence of colds and flu was noticed when taking Echinacea and a natural solution for anxiety and stress was found in Passiflora. Most recently one of the older members has obtained huge relief from severe arthritic pain by taking a cocktail of Glucosamine, Rosehip and turmeric – the list is endless. These encouraging results prompted us to start the online business as we felt there was a growing interest in, and need for these products and increasing numbers of people were wanting to buy online for speed and convenience.

 Natures Healthbox was “born” in August 2012 and after a few months of designing the website and other necessary preparatory work began live trading in January 2013 with a small range of the most popular products. We quickly established links with charities and support groups dealing with food intolerances and allergies and increased the range of “free from” products as well as those for vegans and vegetarians. The volume of orders increased very rapidly and the initial premises became impractical and a local contact put us in touch with larger accommodation which included a shop and we opened this in November 2014 with the moment being captured by a local reporter and  included a photograph in the local newspaper. The local community received us well and in the time that the shop was open we acquired a number of regular customers and enjoyed some interesting chats and exchange of ideas. We loved it but had not realised the volume of extra work and financial outlay it would create and sadly the shop had to close a year later although we secretly hope that in the future we may have the opportunity to try again !

We are now trading from a unit in a small industrial estate near Brighton University and putting all our energy into further developing the website and increasing internet trade. Our site is now mobile and tablet friendly and we are constantly increasing our range as well as establishing new links. We now have many customers who regularly place really large orders but that doesn’t mean we have lost interest in the smaller orders – we love you all. We have also expanded our use of social media and really enjoy the more personal and individual interaction with everybody so keep tweeting please and looking at Facebook and Instagram.

Running a business is time consuming, frustrating and challenging at times but we still enjoy it and would like to thank all our customers and everyone who has contributed to our success for your continued loyalty.

2016 has seen us looking at expansion and development of the internet business, improvements to the website, building up new contacts and better use of social media. The year has started well and we would like to thank all our customers and people who have helped us for their continuing loyalty.